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“My consultation was outstanding. Dr DeVictor answered all questions, explained everything thoroughly and was very kind and reassuring. His assistant was personable and helpful and his surgery scheduler went above and beyond. A great medical team”


“OUTSTANDING,,,WHAT A SURPRISE, I was told to purchase Tylenol and ibuprofen for pain after the surgery. After the surgery took one Tylenol, knowing best to take pain medication BEFORE the pain starts. Well, when it was time to take the ibuprofen, there wasn't any need, there wasn't any pain. NONE WHAT SO EVER I was fully prepared to follow all directions, and didn't need to do any other steps. WHAT WONDERFUL STAFF, and same for Dr. Sam DeVictor, what a wizard. I did get the black eye as promised, but I feel its a ribbon for a JOB WELL DONE by Dr. Sam DeVictor, indeed was a VICTORY FOR ME. Still can't get over how the staff were so WONDERFUL, what an incredible crew, what a staff. I have nothing buy praise for such a great team. Like wow, I'm sorry I can't rate them higher, there are not enough stars,,,”


“Amazing physician and staff! Quick rapport and trust! So much appreciated the time and reassurance Dr DeVictor spent in making me feel comfortable about my upcoming procedure!!”


“This was as nice and gentle a medical procedure as one could hope for. My highest compliments and praise to the entire staff. It could not have been more positive.”


“Dr DeVictor is a godsend! He has given me back the hope I lost through going to numerous doctors with conflicting information and no other option for my condition aside from Botox. I never felt heard until now and I couldn’t be more grateful! I look forward to feeling more comfortable in my own skin. Thank you Dr DeVictor, you are a blessing!”


“Found everyone to be extremely friendly and caring. Dr. DeVictor took the time to listen to my concerns and determined best course of treatment. In my case, I had a cyst on my chin for a couple of years that was growing. It then got a bad infection. We waited for infection to clear and Dr. DeVictor then excised it. Before performing the procedure, he did say multiple times I would be changing the cyst for a scar and wanted me to be fully aware of my expectations. My stitches are still in so I can't speak to the final verdict, but so far I would recommend Dr. DeVictor.”


“Dr DeVictor is not only a gifted surgeon but a caring and compassionate practitioner as well. The office staff is also very kind and compassionate. I highly recommend Dr. DeVictor for your surgical needs.”


“Dr. DeVictor did an amazing job doing the closure after Mohs surgery on my nose. I was terrified when I saw the giant hole in my nose immediately after surgery! Dr. DeVictor closed it up the next morning, and I couldn't imagine what I was going to look like. Now after just 3 weeks I can't believe how beautiful the incision looks - I have a hard time seeing where it even is. Great job Dr. DeVictor, and a shout out to all his staff who were also excellent. Thank you for saving my face!”


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