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Before investing in plastic surgery of any kind, people want to know what they can expect from the results and how long they will last. Facelifts are one of the most popular cosmetic surgery solutions, and if you’re interested in turning back the clock, a facelift delivers impressive anti-aging results. According to Dr. DeVictor , facelifts are cosmetic surgery procedures that can offer a dramatic improvement in appearance. Unlike other options that help to slow down the signs of aging or make some minor improvements, facelifts can restore a significantly more youthful appearance that lasts. In this blog, Dr. DeVictor talks about what facelifts are, what to expect from the results of this cosmetic surgery procedure, and how long the results of facelifts last.

What Is a Facelift?

Facelifts are a form of plastic surgery recommended to reverse the most common effects of skin aging like sagging, skin laxity, fine lines, and wrinkles. They may also be referred to as rhytidectomy, which is the clinical term for a facelift. While many people assume facelifts are all the same procedure, there are actually several different types of facelifts that can be chosen to address aging skin in specific areas of the face or address specific effects of skin aging. Each facelift procedure has the same underlying goal – to lift the skin and facial tissues that have started to sag and soften. This restores a smooth, more youthful appearance to the face. However, there are many different ways to achieve this main goal, and that’s where the multiple different types of facelifts come into play. Your facial plastic surgeon should talk through each option with you to ensure you understand the treatments before you make a final choice. After you find the best option to attain your specific goals, your surgeon will discuss your surgery plan and what to expect.
While facelifts work toward similar goals, there are a variety of methods cosmetic surgeons use to achieve the desired results. During a consultation visit, your surgeon will describe each option with you, including:

  • Mini facelifts – this procedure is designed to lift sagging skin on the lower half of the face, including the neck and jaw. It also uses fewer incisions, so people have less recovery time.
  • Traditional facelift – this form of facelift is what most people think of when they hear the term. It lifts just the skin, which does reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging. However, this type of facelift can lead to the face looking too tight or inflexible. It is generally not recommended by Dr. DeVictor as the results generally do not last long term.
  • SMAS facelifts – SMAS stands for superficial musculoaponeurotic system, essentially the muscle and fascia just beneath the skin. These are the parts of the face that are adjusted during the SMAS facelift. By moving more of the superficial facial structures rather than just the skin, SMAS facelifts help to avoid the tight and immovable appearance of the traditional facelift and maintain long term results.
  • Deep plane facelifts – if you’re looking for an even more advanced facelift solution, a deep plane facelift may be your best option. It adjusts deeper musculature, ligaments, and other tissues to deliver a more natural-looking and feeling lift with the longest lasting results.

What Is Recovery Like After a Facelift?

Any surgical procedure will have some side effects. Bleeding, swelling, bruising, tightness, tingling, numbness, and pain are all to be expected for the first few days or weeks following your procedure. If you notice that these symptoms seem to be getting worse, you have a fever, or notice other more serious side effects, make sure to reach out to your facial plastic surgeon as soon as possible. During periodic follow-up visits with Dr. DeVictor as you heal, they will examine you thoroughly, be able to tell you if there are any concerning signs and give you tips to improve healing.

The recovery time will depend on the type of facelift procedure as well as the individual’s health, lifestyle, and other factors. The most important thing to do is follow your surgeon’s aftercare instructions. Keep the surgical sites clean, and replace bandages as directed. Take pain relievers to ensure comfort during healing. Avoid sun exposure. Most importantly, get plenty of rest.”

What Results Should I Expect?

Swelling and bruising immediately following your facelift can hide the actual results for the first several weeks. Patients can sometimes feel frustrated at their first follow-up visit after their facelift. They may not see the results they want right away. I always tell them to trust the process. Patients will start to see improvement after the first two weeks. From there, results will continue to be revealed for several more weeks as healing continues. It’s essential to treat your skin as instructed by your surgeon during your healing. You should also keep up with your daily skincare routine. It’s especially important to prevent sun damage since the skin will be more sensitive following surgery. Apply sunscreen daily and limit time outdoors.

How Long Do the Results Last?

When it comes to how long patients can expect to keep their new look, Dr. DeVictor says, “Every situation is different, so it’s difficult to say exactly how long a facelift will last and will also depend on the type of facelift performed. I would say the average is ten years. A facelift procedure is designed to turn back the clock 10 -15 years but doesn’t prevent the aging process from continuing. After that, signs of skin aging will start to be noticeable again. Patients can boost their skincare routines to include more anti-aging products after the facelift, and they can also receive minimally invasive procedures like dermabrasion, dermal fillers, and neurotoxin injections to extend their results.”

How Do I Schedule a Visit?

When you’re ready to get started working with a facial plastic surgeon, don’t hesitate to reach out to the DeVictor Facial Plastic Surgery. Our skilled team is ready to help with a range of treatment options, including facelifts, in a comfortable and relaxed office environment where you will feel right at home. To schedule a visit, simply take a few minutes to submit the online scheduling request form. Once our local plastic surgery team receives your information, they’ll be in touch to finalize the details of your consultation appointment.

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